The Best Guide for Aomori & Hakodate

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Hello, this is Yabuya from “Good Lick Trip Aomori& Hakodate” October edition.

This is a fairly new tour guidebook for the “Seikan” area. With the opening of Hokkaido Shinkasnsen back in March 2016, the area has been getting much attention lately.
In the opening article, we will talk mainly about Aomori in a few aspects; grand sceneries of apples, Shirakami mountain range and Hirosaki cherry blossom festival, 3 biggest Aomori fire festivals including Nebuta Festival, popular food in the area such as Oma tuna, miso, curry and milk ramen noodles and lastly about regional crafts including Tsugaru kokeshi and Kogin embroidery. Let me also add that in this article you can find our suggested itineraries to visit Aomori and Hakodate in one trip.

・Hirosaki City Apple Park
・Resort Shirakami train
・Aomori Nebuta Festival
・Tanesashi Coast

In the Special Feature 1, we will focus on Aomori City. Besides the famous Nebuta festival and frost-covered trees in Hakkoda, we will also talk about Aomori seafood such as Nokke-don rice bowl and scallops, and also about hot springs and suggested itineraries to tour around the city. In the Special Feature 2, we will then talk about Gosyogawara-City and tell you about Tachi-Neputa festival and Tsugaru Railway in the spring and fall times.

In the Special Feature 3, we will focus on Shimokita Peninsula under the title of Mutsu & Shimokita. On top of gourmet seafood dishes including Oma tuna and Kaikyo salmon, the article will also cover hot springs and recommended photo spots such as rape blossoms field, Kandachime horses and Hotokegaura where you can drive to.

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