Ocean Café/Made-in-Okinawa fruits sweets/Yachimun Pottery/Yaeyama/Nanjo-City

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Hello, this is Yabuya and I am the editor of “Good Luck Trip Okinawa” October edition.

In the upcoming article, we are going to tell you about the ocean-view café, shaved ice, soft-serve ice cream, Made-in-Okinawa fruits sweets including smoothie as well as new designs and cute-colored items from Yachimun (means pottery in Okinawa dialect) lineup. All of these spots and items are getting pretty popular among Japanese as well. We will also introduce you some of the affordable makeup items and supplements that will surely make you prettier, so don’t forget to check them out in drug stores!

・L LOTA (ocean view café)
・Ruan+Shimairo (shaved ice shop)
・titui OKINAWAN CRAFT (Yachimun pottery shop)

In the second article, we will feature Yaeyama-shoto islands including Ishigaki-jima, Taketomi-jima and Irimomote-jima. There will be plenty of great ideas on recommended activities, good food, photo spots and itineraries to fully enjoy grand nature and culture in these remote islands. That said, this will be your perfect guidebook for Yaeyama islands trip.

In the third article, we will talk about Nanjo-City, which lies at the southern side of the Okinawa main island. The article will especially feature relaxing cafes, marvelous sights and cultural spots where the history of Ryukyu kingdom are shown, which are all within 30 minutes distance from the Naha Airport. Please do check out our recommended itineraries too.

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