Otaru Canal

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Otaru’s staple nightscape spot, the Otaru Canal.
During the day this area is packed with tourists, but when night falls and the crowds dissipate, the atmosphere completely changes.
The canal and the historic stone buildings that line it are lit up, creating a deeply romantic mood.

Just enjoying the view while walking along the canal is already lovely, but enjoying a stroll after sampling Hokkaido’s food and drinks at the variety of nearby restaurants is also exquisite. Of course, this area is popular with couples, but it is also a great place to visit with friends and family.

Also, every year around February when snow has accumulated an event called “The Snowlight Path” is held, in which candles are floated down the surface of the canal. Every year several hundred people volunteer for the event, regardless of their age or nationality.

Basic information on Otaru Canal

Otaru Canal

Otaru, Hokkaido
8-minute walk from Otaru Station