Starbucks’ Milk custard pudding and Chocolate pudding

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Written by  secci

On November 10th, Starbucks released puddings that Starbucks fans have been waiting for!

These puddings were only sold in Korea before and Starbucks fans were abuzz on social networks even before the puddings were in stores.
I got them at the Starbucks near my house even though they are so popular and sell out quickly. Lucky me!

The puddings come in milk custard or chocolate flavor.
They are ¥320 each (before tax).

Milk Custard pudding.
The cup is plastic and so cute. It’s as if I’m having a hot drink at Starbucks.

The cup for the chocolate pudding comes in 3 different designs.
They are Holiday limited editions.

The design of the cup includes a Starbucks signature hand written message.

They are made by TORAKU Kobe.
TORAKU Kobe is famous for the “Kobe pudding” which has won the Gold medal award at the MONDE SELECTION 4 years in a row.
No wonder the puddings are so popular, they’re made by TORAKU Kobe. I love this company’s desserts!

Alright! Now I get to dig in to the custard pudding.
Not too soft, not too firm. Just lovely.
I love the richness of the eggs and milk.

I found the bitter caramel sauce beneath. It tasted even better with the sauce.

The chocolate pudding is almost like mousse. I loved it as well.
It’s rich and not too sweet. It is a dessert for grown-ups.
There was a layer of bitter sweet chocolate sauce.

Both puddings were high quality. They go so well with Starbucks coffee.
They would make a nice gift if visiting friends or you could reward for yourself by indulging after a bit of hard work.
It’s trendy to use the left over cups as mini planters or accessory cases.
You will not regret buying these puddings. Enjoy not only the taste of the puddings but the tasteful cups as well!

Writer: secci
A fan of collecting cute interior misc. goods and storage goods. Her blog, “Look what I bought” features a wealth of information on the best 100 yen shop items.