Tokachi Millennium Forest’s “Segway Tours”

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In 2007, the Tokachi Millennium Forest opened Japan’s first Segway tours.
(The Segway is an American-invented electronic two-wheeled standing-ride vehicle.)
So that even first-time riders can safely maneuver their Segway, the tour begins with an explanation of how to operate the Segway and some practice time.
Once everyone is able to ride their Segway, it’s off to the course!

With a pleasant breeze passing you as you maneuver over fields, hills, and through forests, it almost feels as if your body is floating along. The site is expansive, so covering the area on foot is difficult, but riding a Segway allows you to travel unhindered, giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery.
The exhilaration of flying through the great outdoors is something that everyone should experience at least once!

※Note: A reservation is required to participate in the tour. A single tour can accommodate up to 6 people. Only those weighing between 45kg to 100kg may participate.
Sandals and high-heels are not permitted. Pregnant women and people who have difficulty walking may not participate.

Overview of Tokachi Millennium Forest’s “Segway Tours”

Tokachi Millennium Forest’s “Segway Tours”

Minami 10-sen, Haobi, Shimizu, Hokkaido
9 minutes by car from the JR Haobi Station
April 29th-June 30th 9:30-17:00.
July 1st-August 31st 9:00-17:00.
September 1st-November 3rd 9:30-16:00.
(2-hour Segway tours begin at 10:00, 13:30, and 14:00.)
※Tours after 14:00 are available depending on the day. May not occur due to weather conditions.
Mid-November through mid-April (see website for winter details)
Adults (high school age and older) 1000 yen. Elementary and junior high students (valid student ID required) 500 yen. Children below elementary school age no charge. 2-hour Segway tours are an additional 8800 yen.