Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge

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The Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge is located in Ibaraki Prefecture’s Okukuji Prefectural Nature Park.
100 meters tall and 375 meters long, the Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge is the longest pedestrian-only bridge on Honshu. Hanging over the Ryujin Dam, from the bridge you can see a breathtaking view of the Ryujin Gorge and Ryujin River. The walls on both sides of the bridge depict paintings of mountains and the earth.

After crossing the bridge there is a carillon facility called “Mori no Kane,” (“Bells of the Tree Spirits”) which can ring with three different tones for either love, hope, or happiness. As two people must push a button at once for the bell of love, it is very popular with couples.

Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge, Autumn Leaves, Ryujin Dam
[Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge, Autumn Leaves, Ryujin Dam]

In addition, if you make reservations in advance, visitors can try bungee jumping off from the bridge! Give bungee jumping into the beauty of nature from a frighteningly tall height!

Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge, Bungee Jumping
[Bungee Jumping]

※Bungee jumping can be booked on the day of at the reception area if there is space, but prior reservations have priority.
※Bungee jumping may be cancelled or restricted in the event of strong winds or storms.

Basic information on Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge

Ryujin Great Suspension Bridge

2133-6 Kegano-cho, Hitachioota City, Ibaraki
About 40 minutes by bus from JR Mizui Line’s Hitachioota Station
Open every day
Bridge Crossing Fee: Adults 310 yen. Elementary and junior high students 210 yen.
Bungee Jumping Fee
15000 yen.