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Tonami Tulip Gallery is a park where you can enjoy flowers and trees year-round, with tulips in the spring, canna in the summer, and colorful leaves in the fall! From the upper floor of the Tulip Tower, a symbol of the park, you can view the entirety of the park, including its expansive flower beds.
Tonami City also has attractions other than the Tulip Gallery, including one of Japan’s largest waterwheels, the restaurant Tulip Shikisaikan, museums, local archives, historic wooden buildings, and the Nakajima Family House, which is a designated cultural asset of the city. Michi-no-Eki Tonami, a rest area, is also located near the Tonami Tulip Gallery, just three minutes away on foot.

The Tulip Gallery hosts their annual Tulip Fair from mid-April through the beginning of May. (Exact fair dates may vary, so please see home page for details.)
During the Tulip Fair, around 1 million tulips are in full colorful bloom! It is a beautiful sight to behold.
The tulips in the large flower beds are arranged into colorful natural pictures for viewing enjoyment, and in the park’s Tulip Aroma Garden you can enjoy the relaxing fragrance of the tulip variety “Ballerina.”
Around 700 different types of tulips are grown in the Variety Flower Bed, including rare types!
Local gourmet food stalls also participate during the Tulip Fair, and a variety of events are held.

Tonami Tulip Gallery, Tonami Tulip Fair, Tulips, Rare Varieties
[Tonami Tulip Gallery, Tonami Tulip Fair, Rare Varieties]

Basic information on Tonami Tulip Gallery

Tonami Tulip Gallery

1-32 Hanazonomachi, Tonami City, Toyama
15 minutes on foot from the Tonami Station.
Open Dates
7 days a week (Temporarily closed for preparations before and after Tulip Fair.)
Free. (Admission fee required during Tulip Fair. High school students and older 1000 yen. Junior high and elementary school students 300 yen. Young children free.)