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This theme park, designed with the Japanese’s beloved image of Hawaii as the land of everlasting summer, contains pools, hot springs, a hotel, and more! It is also famous for its appearance in the Japanese film “Hula Girls.”
As the name “Spa Resort” suggests, hot spring water is used even in the resort’s pools. (The water in the children and infants pool is not hot spring water.)

There are many attractions for both children and adults, such as expansive pools with waterslides and hot springs (bathing suit required).
(The waterslide is a paid attraction, so we recommend that guests who wish to ride it multiple times purchase an all-day pass.)
Bathing suit, towel, and float paid rentals are also available, so feel free to come visit even empty-handed.
Also, the Polynesian Sunlight Carnival, Fire Knives Dance, and Tropical Experience Time events are held every day. Experience the feeling of being in the land of everlasting summer!

Spa Resort Hawaiians, Polynesian Dance Show
[Polynesian Dance Show]

If you wish to stay in a Hawaiians Resort hotel, free shuttle busses leave from locations in Tokyo and Yokohama, so feel free to take the shuttles at your convenience if you are visiting from the city.
※Please note that tattooed individuals are not allowed inside the facility. Outside food and drink are also prohibited.

Basic information on Spa Resort Hawaiians

Spa Resort Hawaiians

50 Warabidaira, Fujiwaramachi, Joban, Iwaki-shi, Fukushima
About 3 minutes from the Iwaki Yumoto Interchange off of the Joban Expressway. (About one hour by car from the Fukushima Airport.)