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Surrounded by office buildings, Tokyo Station is located in the heart of Tokyo.
Tokyo Station boasts the highest number of train platforms in the country, with trains part of the Shinkansen, JR Lines, Tokyo Metro, and more coming and going every day.

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Celebrating its 100th year of operation in December of 2014, Tokyo Station has a long history.
There are a variety of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, and boxed lunch shops inside the station, making it popular as a gourmet food location as well. Tokyo Ramen Street and Tokyo Okashi Land are popular spots found in Tokyo Station Ichibangai, located below the Tokyo neighborhood of Yaesu.
The image of Tokyo Station, with its impressive red brick outside, is striking. In 2003 the station was designated as an important cultural asset of Japan. (For a good observation point of the station’s outside and traffic, try watching from outside the ticket gates facing Marunouchi.)
The station is lit up at night, giving it a breathtaking romantic atmosphere.

On special occasions, we recommend enjoying dinner at Marunouchi restaurants that have a view of the station.
As the station is very large and has eight different exits, it is important to check which ticket gate is nearest to your destination and to exit from there!

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Tokyo Station

1Marunocuhi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Japanese] 050-2016-1600
[English, Chinese, Korean] 050-2016-1603