Takeshita Street

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Takeshita Street is directly outside of the Takeshita Exit of the JR Harajuku Station.
Takeshita Street is a popular and trendy fashion hub, where young people who enjoy unique and eccentric fashion enjoy shopping!

To fully enjoy this street, start out with some shopping for clothes, shoes, or accessories. If you get hungry, try the crepes or soft-serve ice cream and eat them as you walk around! However, please note that most Japanese shops do not allow food or drink inside, so please respect the shops’ rules and enjoy your food outside.

Harajuku, Takeshita Street Entrance, Crepes, Rest Break, Drinks, Shopping, Ice Cream
[Crepes, Rest Break, Drinks, Ice Cream]

Several shops near the entrance to Takeshita Street have purikura booths available, which make excellent commemorative photos! (Approx. 400 yen)
Some of Japan’s newest and most advanced purikura machines can make your eyes appear larger, your face smaller, smooth out your skin, and make your arms and legs look longer. The resulting photos could make you look like a different person!

purikura booth, photo sticker
[purikura booth, photo sticker]

As Takeshita Street is an extremely popular destination for tourists and school trips, it gets very crowded every Saturday and Sunday. Although it may be appealing to try to take pictures of the large crowds and tourists, it is recommended to visit on weekdays if you want to avoid congestion.

Basic information on Takeshita Street

Takeshita Street

1 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Directly outside the Takeshita Exit of the JR Harajuku Station