What are the “Wi-Fi SupportStations” at Comic Market?

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A large-scale manga and anime event called “Comic Market” (abbreviated to “Comikett”) is held in Japan biannually, in August and December, at the Tokyo International Exhibition Hall (“Tokyo Big Site” in Odaiba). Each event lasts only about 3 days, but around 500,000 people visit during that period! Comikett is the world’s largest manga and anime event.

At the event, I saw the strange sight: the staffs wearing red clothes, with backpacks on their backs and flags in hands, who were surrounded by visitors! I gathered up the courage to ask what you were doing here, and got the odd answer. “I am acting as a human Wi-Fi hotspot.” Can the person be a Wi-Fi hotspot? How strange! They continued to explain that they were dispatched for smartphone users by “NTT DOCOMO”, Japan’s largest mobile phone carrier. What does it mean?

In general, it is said that data transmission speeds of cell phones will be slowed down at the large-scale events like a Comikett, by simultaneous accesses from too many users at once.
Then, “NTT DOCOMO” often dispatches “Wi-Fi Supporters,” the staffs who act as Wi-Fi hotspots in the big events. One staff of the Wi-Fi Support Stationtold me, “There is an access point of docomo Wi-Fi in my backpack, which helps to improve our user’s experiences and visitors could feel more comfortable using their smartphones” . It is just one of the approaches to arrange communication capabilities for this event.

In addition to Comikett, Wi-Fi Supporters were also dispatched at the victory parade, celebrating great success by Japanese athletes in the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro. Wi-Fi Supporters shows up at big events where many people gather!

By the way, what kind of service is “docomo Wi-Fi”? It is a Wi-Fi service available at nationwide hotspots in Japan, including major train stations and airports, popular sightseeing areas, hotels, national chains of café stores, electronics stores, etc. Of course, it is also available at convenience stores. “docomo Wi-Fi” is available at around 55,000 convenience stores in Japan, not just in major cities, but also in country side and residential areas. As for the market of convenience stores, it is said that 90% of them are occupied by three major companies, Seven Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart. Only “docomo Wi-Fi” is available at all those stores! That’s one of the advantages by Japan’s largest cell phone carrier.

Also, those who travel to Japan should know about “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor.” There are many situations, in which you will have trouble finding a hotel or restaurant, want to look up information about new goods in stores, or want to upload your pictures at great sight immediately by your phone.

In these situations, most troubles will be solved by internet searches with your smartphones. Many tourists in Japan are likely to use free Wi-Fi, but will find out that they are available at limited areas, such as only major train stations or airports (Actually, I have used the free Wi-Fi in Japan too, but we have to register first, and input information such as your email address, and also the data speed is slow). It is often said that rather than taking time and efforts to look for hotspots of free Wi-Fi, they should choose paid Wi-Fi service for more convenience.

“docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is a Wi-Fi service that matches those needs.

“docomo Wi-Fi for visitor”

“docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is a paid Wi-Fi service, which is useful for tourists to Japan. There are 3 plans available, which are reasonably priced at360 yen for one day, 900 yen for a week, and 1,300 yen for three weeks (per individual, tax not included).

Now that you understand what “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is, you may be wondering how to apply for it. You can apply for it at docomo’s official website, and all required is an email address and your credit card information. Of course, you can wait until you arrive in Japan, but Wi-Fi access soon after arrival is more convenient, so consider applying before your trip.
After you apply for “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor,” you can connect to the network by following the instructions sent to the email address you inputted when you applied. Try it soon after you arrive at the airport in Japan!

Applying for “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor” is free from any problem with internet connection while visiting Japan. On top of that, you can find even more places to connect if you encounter docomo Wi-Fi Support Stationwhile traveling, and post on SNS with “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor”. If you find them, you are ucky!

Enjoy all the Japan with “docomo Wi-Fi for visitor!”