Fukui Prefecture, Eihei-ji

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Eihei-ji is a temple of the Soto school of Buddhism, founded in 1244 by Eihei Dogen. It was built to be a training monastery for Soto Zen Buddhists monks, and it is still used for that purpose today.
Surrounded by ancient cedar trees said to be over 700 years old, Eihei-ji truly is and feels like a spiritual area used as a training monastery.

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[Daihonzan, Eihei-ji]

If you make a reservation in advance over the telephone, visitors can experience the Buddhist training for themselves.
If you are visiting as part of a day trip, it is also possible to choose from experiences of Zazen meditation, a Buddhist sermon, or Buddhist cuisine.

At Eihei-ji, every act in life, from waking up to sleeping, is to be something to learn from. As such, guests who choose to stay at Eihei-ji participate in worship, Zazen meditation, working in the temple, sutras, meals, and lodging from morning until evening. Training for monks is particularly strict, so those who go only with a basic interest will have a difficult time. It is recommended that only those who truly wish to experience the severity and strictness of the training stay for the full experience.
※Those who wish to experience training must make a reservation by phone at least 10 days advance of the desired date.
The experience (2 days, 1 night) costs around 8000 yen.

Basic information on Eihei-ji

5-15 Shihi, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui
30 minutes by Keifuku Bus from Fukui Station. Or, 15 minutes by bus from Eiheijiguchi Station.
0776-63-3102 (Inquiries about training experiences: 0776-63-4361)
Adults 500 yen. Elementary and junior high school students 200 yen. (Training experience is an additional fee)