Restaurant “Shabu Shabu Sukiyaki Aki” in Hyogo. You can dine on expensive meat from a single serving hot pot.

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“Shabu Shabu Sukiyaki Aki” is located in a high class residential area in Nishinomiya city in Hyogo.
It’s only a 3 minute walk from Kurakuenguchi station on Hankyu Line.
This place is a “Hitori Nabe” speciality shop. In Japanese “Hitori" means one person, “Nabe” means hotpot, so literally “Hitori Nabe” means a one person table top hot pot. Usually “Nabe” (hotpot) is enjoyed by many people who share together. At this place you can come and enjoy high grade domestic meat even on your own. That means you can enjoy a hotpot at your own pace without worrying others! It is super popular right now!

The selection of high grade domestic meat such as Kobe beef, Sanda beef, and Kagoshima black pork, can be eaten here at a more reasonable price than other shops.

It’s very stylish inside. They have 24 seatings in total and each has an electric burner in front for “Hitori Nabe”. Though this time I sat at the counter, there are tables as well.

They have a good selection of alcoholic drinks such as beer, Japanese Sake, Shochyu, and Wine!

I started with the draft beer! ¥580

The appetizer was Eggplant Ohitashi (boiled eggplant with soy sauce and broth dressing)
The broth was excellent, it was very flavourful.


I ordered the Sukiyaki course. Kobe beef super high grade shoulder blade 100g ¥4200.
This course comes with a Kobachi (side dish), assorted vegetables, Konnyaku noodles, grilled Tofu, Udon noodles and sorbet.

AAAAA ranked Kobe beef shoulder blade loin meat (100g)

Oh my goodness! This meat is beautiful, the fat is marbled beautifully. They cut the meat into slices one by one right after the food order comes in, so it is a very fresh pink colour.

You can eat plenty of vegetables as well.

This is the restaurant`s secret stock. Generally speaking, Sukiyaki stock contains condiments such as soy sauce and sugar.

Lightly grill the meat first, then pour the stock into the hot pot.

Don’t over cook it. Once it’s cooked dip it into the raw egg and eat it right away.

By the way, eggs sold in Japan are inspected by hygiene control, so they are safe to eat raw. Please feel at ease when you eat the raw eggs.

The meat melted on my tongue!
The secret stock has a mild sweet flavour and matches perfectly with this meat. The meat itself has a spectacular balance between red meat and fat. This is a dish to die for!

Next, I enjoyed the meat with home made grated Daikon raddish sauce and fresh lemon .

The refreshing citrus sourness and the broth really enhanced the meat. I could eat an unlimited amount of this meat.

Now the stock has the lovely flavour of the Kobe beef, it’s time to cook the vegetables in it.

The onions are done to perfection in the beautiful stock. Simply delicious!

[Grilled Tofu]
[Grilled Tofu]

Grilled Tofu.
The nice roasted flavour was very good.

Konnnyaku noodles absorbed the tasty broth, they were very refreshing.

I ordered “Mitake" sweet potato shochu on the rocks. “Mitake" is made on Yakushima island, a UNESCO designated world heritage site famous for its delicious water. The delicious water is essential to the sweet potato shochu making process. ¥750 per glass

Shabu shabu!

Kagoshima black pork shabu shabu course ¥1,980 (100g)
This course comes with Kobachi (side dish), assorted vegetables, Mochi (rice cakes), Kuzukiri noodles, Tofu, Udon noodles and sorbet.

They even make their own Ponzu dressing and Sesame paste dip. Ponzu is a Washoku (Japanese cuisine) condiment containing natural juice from citrus fruit.

My friend and I ordered an additional 200g of Kagoshima black pork loin to share.

Kagoshima black pork is called “Black diamond”. Do you know why? It`s because the meat is of a high quality, the pigs have small litters, and the pigs take longer than other pigs to mature. This means only a limited amount of pork is produced.

Put the meat slightly into the broth then swish it back and forth several times (shabu-shabu),
then dip it into the Ponzu.

The sourness of the Ponzu brought out the flavour of the meat.
When I bit it, it had a nice texture and in each bite I enjoyed the rich taste of the premium black pork!

I added spring onions and herbs to spice it up!

I tried the special sesame paste dip as well. The sesame flavour and the meat blends and makes the taste so mild! There was an orchestra of black pork and sesame playing in my mouth!

This is AAAAA ranked Sanda beef sirloin 120g (additional meat ¥3000)
Look at the fat spread throughout! It is undeniable!

Again just dip it into the broth then swish it back and forth several times (shabu-shabu).

Everything just melted on my tongue! The sweetness of the fat and sourness of the Ponzu was the best match ever!


Then I threw in some Udon.

The restaurant offers home made Udon broth to which I added the soup from the hot pot. The soup from the Sanda beef took this Udon to another level! So good!

After the meal, I had Yuzu sorbet.

What a luxurious experience! To dine on high quality meat in a Hitori Nabe (one person hot pot)!

Shabu Shabu Sukiyaki Aki

Shabu Shabu Sukiyaki Aki

2 F Syukugawa Gardens, 5-3 Minamikoshikiiwa-cho, Nishinomiya city, Hyogo
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