Introducing “TANABE Digestive Medicine URSO(R)”

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*This is a republished article which was originally published on January 12, 2017.

Some of the most popular Japanese dishes for tourists; Ramen noodles, Yakiniku and Tempura.

Ramen noodles, Yakiniku and Tempura.
Ramen noodles, Yakiniku and Tempura.

This is the article for those looking at the pictures above and thinking “they look so good, but my stomach won’t feel so great if I eat them”. One of the reasons people feel they cannot tolerate greasy food any more or their stomach hurts after meals is because with on-going aging process or sometimes with continuous drinking parties, functions of a liver weakens. As a result, an amount of bile acid that helps digestions of fat also decreases.

We recommend “TANABE Digestive Medicine URSO(R)” for those who get digestive problems as a result of “aging process” and “greasy food”. The medicine is sold by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, a company with 300 years of history in Japan. They are the first company in the world that succeeded in the mass production of ursodeoxycholic acid.

Content・Price of “TANABE Digestive Medicine URSO(R)”

20 tablets
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (without tax) 980 JPY
60 tablets
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (without tax) 2650 JPY

Ursodeoxycholic acid is actually one of bile acids that exist in our bodies and it is also an active ingredient of the Chinese medicine, “Yutan”.

Ursodeoxycholic acid works on a liver increasing an amount of bile acid and promoting digestion of fat. In addition, the acid improves functions of pancreas (secretion of pancreatic juice) and stomach (transfer to intestine). If taken continuously, it will also work to reduce decreasing function of digestion due to an aging process. Since the effects of the medicine are expected to last for a while, all you need to take is one tablet a day. It will support better digestion.

The medicine is long beloved by Japanese for its effects on “stomach pains due to fat and poor digestive problems”.

The medicine will be useful not only during a trip but on any daily occasions including when dining out or joining parties. Or, this may be a pleasant gift for seniors who suffer from decreasing appetite. If you have a plan to visit Japan, we recommend you to add this item on your must-buy shopping list. They are available at drug stores and pharmacies in Japan.