Exciting new winter items now available at Osaka’s trendsetting Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store: Part 6

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In the heart of Osaka's city center, Umeda, you'll find the impressive Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store, one of Japan’s largest department stores. Housing many of the world's finest brands—and everything from sweets and cosmetics to fashion—it serves as an invaluable resource for fashion-conscious women interested in all the latest crazes. It is the place to learn about Japan’s current trends. Through this media, we hope to give you a sneak peek into the latest trend developments of the upcoming season. Here are some of the items Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store is carrying in preparation for this winter.

B1F, B2F: Sweets

From the wide selection of premium sweets available from around the world on the basement floors, we’d like to start off with the introductions of the following three shops.


This shop sells “baumkuchen,” a German cake that is very popular in Japan. Using artisanal techniques, Nenrinya’s baumkuchen are carefully crafted and baked for almost twice as long as standard baumkuchen. They offer two varieties; the first is the “Mount Baum Kuchen,” which features an exquisite harmony of textures between the crispy outside and the rich, moist, buttery inner cake. The second is the luxuriously fluffy “Straight Baum Kuchen,” which is baked with plenty of eggs in the batter.

From \756 per piece
From \756 per piece

[A la campagne]

This patisserie started in Kobe, Japan’s mecca for sweets. Their warm confections invoke images of Provence in the south of France, making them incredibly popular among women and couples. With a focus on using seasonal fruits and high-quality ingredients, the scrumptious flavor of A la campagne’s tarts will stir your heart from the moment you taste them.

From \540 per slice
From \540 per slice


Roll cakes are incredibly popular in Japan, and one of the representatives of this phenomenon is Moncher’s “Dojima Roll.” Customers from across Japan form lines clamoring to buy Dojima Rolls from Moncher’s main store in Osaka. This winter, they are releasing the limited-edition “Dojima Prince Roll,” which is filled with a chocolate cream. The Dojima Roll’s cream and the luxurious flavor of Belgian chocolate come together to make a rich and refined treat.

\1,781 per roll
\1,781 per roll

2F: Cosmetics

Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s cosmetics floor is the largest in the Kansai region. Here we will introduce two products you can find there.


The makeup brand SUQQU is extremely popular with mature women in their 30s. With an emphasis on nurturing and enhancing women’s natural beauty, SUQQU develops original products that focus on facial muscles, bone structure, and lymph and blood flow. This season, we are featuring SUQQU’s “Blend Color Eyeshadow,” which covers troublesome wrinkles or dull skin with luxurious striking color that makes your eyes stand out beautifully.

Blend color eye shadow¥7344
Blend color eye shadow¥7344

[Chirstian Louboutin]

Christian Louboutin, a luxury shoe brand popular with celebrities around the world, is known for its famous red shoe soles. The brand’s commitment to delivering stunning color now extends to lip balm as well! This time, we are introducing Christian Louboutin’s “Lip Color (38 shades in all).” The luxurious colors are perfectly blended, resulting in a rich color with a velvety finish. The color is long-stay and does not smear, keeping your lips moist and vibrant for hours.

Lip Color \13,500
Lip Color \13,500

7F: Kitchen & Dining

Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s 7th floor features kitchen supplies and interior goods. Here we will introduce Japanese-style products available on this floor.

[Arita and Hasami Ware]

These personal-sized dishes, shaped after aspects of Japanese culture, make excellent gifts. They are limited-edition seasonal products, so if they catch your fancy this may be your only chance to grab some!

From \1,296 per plate
From \1,296 per plate

11F: Japanese Miscellaneous Goods

Here we will introduce Japanese miscellaneous goods available on Hankyu Umeda Main Store’s 11th floor.


“Maneki Neko” (Beckoning Cats) are lucky decorative figures dating as far back as Japan’s Edo Period that are believed to bring thriving business and good luck. A raised right paw is said to invite financial luck, while a raised left paw is said to invite people (customers). They make perfect souvenirs!

Beckoning Cat \2,700
Beckoning Cat \2,700

Store-Wide: Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags) and Sales!

Grab bags like these fukubukuro are only sold at the beginning of the year. As for what’s inside, you’ll have to buy one to find out! Grab bags are filled with a variety of items sold at Hankyu Umeda Main Store. Also, bargain sales are being held in January! Be sure to take advantage of this treasure trove of great deals

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