Horyuji Temple

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Horyuji Temple is the oldest wooden building in the world.

Horyuji Temple, Central Gate
[Horyuji Temple, Central Gate]

Registered as Japan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993, Horyuji Temple is a treasure trove of Buddhist culture. The temple was founded by Prince Shotoku and has over 1400 years of history.

Also known as Horyu Gakumonji, or Learning Temple of the Flourishing Law, Horyuji Temple is a classic destination for school field trips.
Lined with 19 buildings classified as national treasures, the temple is often featured in textbooks, particularly for the large number of precious statues of Buddha that are enshrined throughout the buildings. You can feel the deep, long history of the temple through observing the many statues of Buddha.

Basic information on Horyuji Temple

Horyuji Temple

1-1 Horyuji-sannai, Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara
About a 20 minute walk from the JR Horyuji Station. (If coming by bus, the temple is just by the “Horyuji Temple” bus stop.)
February 22nd`November 3rd 8:00-17:00. November 4th-February 21st 8:00-16:30.
Open every day
Adults 1500 yen. Elementary school students 750 yen.