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Daikanbo is the highest peak of the Aso mountain chain. Daikanbo’s mountain overlook is the most popular of all the overlooks in the Aso mountain chain. Thanks in part to this amazing view, Daikanbo became part of Aso Kuju National Park when it was established in 1934.

From Daikanbo’s peak, you can see the five peaks of Mt. Aso, Asodani Valley, and more in a wide panoramic view.
As each season offers a different view, like new greenery in spring or beautiful leaves in autumn, Daikanbo gets many repeat visitors.
The five peaks of Mt. Aso are also known as “Nehanzo,” and they are said to resemble the sleeping form of Buddha. (From left to right, Mt. Neko is the head, Mt. Taka is the chest, and Mt. Naka is the stomach.)

The nearby Aso Daikanbo Tea House serves soft-serve ice cream, which is extremely popular due to its rich texture and delicious flavor.
(It is around a 5-minute walk from the parking lot to Daikanbo’s observatory.)

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2090-8 Yamada, Aso City, Kumamoto
About 20 minutes by bus from JR Aso Station, or 25 minutes by car from the Kyushu Expressway’s Kumamoto Interchange
0967-32-1960 (Aso Information Center)
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