Around Matsue, Shimane Prefecture – Hori River “Kotatsu Boat” Tour

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Seasonal activity, seeing Matsue Castle from a “kotatsu boat”!

A 50-minute boat tour around the moat of Matsue Castle, a national treasure, is available.
This year, a winter-exclusive kotatsu boat has made its debut! It’s great having your feet warmed by the heat of charcoal briquettes.

Matsue Castle
[Matsue Castle]

The moat that surrounds Matsue Castle was built at the same time as the castle itself (1611), and it remains there to this day.
From the boat, you can see Matsue Castle, samurai residences, and lovely natural scenery.
The boat’s course is around 3.7 kilometers long. There are three boarding locations.

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Basic information on Around Matsue, Shimane Prefecture – Hori River “Kotatsu Boat” Tour

507-1 Kuroda-cho, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture (Matsue Horikawa Fureai Hiroba)
Approximately 12 minutes by car from JR Matsue Station to Matsue Horikawa Fureai Hiroba
Boarding Areas
Matsue Horikawa Fureai Hiroba, Otemai Hiroba, Kyo-Mise Karakoro Hiroba
Kotatsu Boat Dates of Operation
November 10th, 2020 through April 10th, 2021
Hours of Operation
Hours vary depending on the season. See home page for details.
Open year-round (Kotatsu boat is seasonally available. May not operate due to weather conditions.)
Adults (junior high school students and older) 1500 yen. Elementary school students 800 yen.