“Majime na Tokeiya (Honest watch shop) Kame-kichi”; a specialty store for wrist watches in Tokyo offering Customer Appreciation Sales.

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”Majime na Tokeiya Kame-kichi” is a specialty store specializing in high-brand wrist watches. It’s located 3 minutes’ walk from Nakano station.
They carry a wide range of watches for low prices, and what’s more, they treat their customers with such sincere hospitality. There have been many fans of the store since its open, and soon, the store will be welcoming its 20 years anniversary.

At the store, they are now holding a special sales event named “customer appreciation sales”. To begin with, their watches are sold cheaper than those sold in other shops or prices thought to be overall average in Japan. That said, during the sales, more than 30 new/second-hand/men’s/ladies’ high-brand watches are discounted by additional ¥100,000 to ¥600,000. In this article, we will introduce you 3 watches that the store owner recommends to check out.

Majime na Tokeiya Kame-kichi
[Majime na Tokeiya Kame-kichi]

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Recommended Watch #1

<Brand Name: PATEK PHILIPPE, Model Name: World Time, Product #: 5110P>


An elegant white gold case model by PATEK PHILIPPE equipped with the world time function. The brand is known to be one of the best of all. The back cover of the watch is made skeleton allowing you to watch the motion of the machine clocking time. Though this watch for sales is second-hand, check-up for interior devices as well as fix-up for exterior have been precisely completed.

Its regular price is ¥4,298,950. During the sales, the price is reduced to ¥3,989,850, a discount of ¥309,100.

Recommended Watch #2

<Brand Name: ROLEX, Model Name: Datejust, Product #: 179166G>


One of the ROLEX masterpieces for women. This luxurious watch is made of platinum and is decorated with 10 points diamonds. Though it’s second-hand, an overhaul has been completed and there is absolutely no problem with its functions.

During the sales, the regular price of ¥2,289,850 is marked down to ¥1,798,950; a discount of ¥490,900.

Recommended Watch #3:

<Brand name: PANERAI, Model Name: Luminor 1950 3Days, Product #: PAM00393>


A new watch by the very-famous Italian brand; PANERAI. For its thick and dignified cushion-type case, luxurious red-gold is used. In fact, the colors of the watch are unified with reddish ones with its clock face being brown and its alligator-skin strap also being brown. You can say that this is a “tough” model equipped with auto winding function making 72 hours power reserve possible.

During the sales, the usual price of ¥2,039,850 is marked down to ¥1,598,950; a discount of ¥440,900.

Tax-free system is applicable for items that are subject to discounts, which means that tourists visiting Japan from abroad can receive even bigger discounts! So, why not have a look at the some watches when in Tokyo?

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