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Thanks to the cooperation of 109MEN’S, a popular commercial facility aimed towards men in Shibuya, Tokyo, we have some information for you on the latest trends. Today we introduce OTOKO・NAIL, a men's nail salon that has just opened on the building’s B2F!

A men's nail salon: OTOKO・NAIL
A men's nail salon: OTOKO・NAIL

You may be surprised to hear about the trendy new business of men’s nail salons. But in recent years, the number of men who have started to consider nails an important part of their appearance has been growing steadily and many have begun going to a nail salon for regular upkeep. However, they aren’t leaving with colourful, blinged-out nails—quite the opposite really. Nail damage caused by age, work, guitar playing, etc. is common, and most of the men who visit these salons just want their nails to look as well-groomed as the rest of their appearance.

OTOKO・NAIL has a variety of menu options, but the “Nail care/health course” (Time required: 60 mins, Price: 5,600 yen) is the most popular. Since I’m sure most of our readers are hearing about this trend for the first time, we’ve provided you with a basic outline below.

  1. Nail trimming : Nails are cut with special clippers that are gentler on the nails than those sold in stores and are less likely to make them tear.
  2. Filing : The shape is evened out with a file. For those who don’t like the feeling, just let the staff know and this step can be omitted.
  3. Cuticle trimming : The cuticle, which is the extra skin that grows around the nail bed, is removed for a fresh, clean appearance.
  4. Care of skin surrounding the nail : Hangnails, etc. are removed.
  5. Surface buffing : Bumps and ridges on the surface of the nail are smoothed in accordance with the nail’s thickness.
  6. The finish : Select from 3 finish options: natural finish, shiner buffing, or clear polish coating.
  7. Hand massage : Relax as the tension in your hands in massaged away.
“Nail care/health course”

Neat and tidy nails leave a good impression on others—an impression of good hygiene and etiquette—so caring for them properly is important. Some say, “It should be a part of every gentleman’s grooming routine.”

From nail care to the latest fashion, 109MEN’S has a variety of specialty shops catered to the fashion-conscious man. Why not check it out?

※Services and prices are as of January 2017 and are subject to change without prior notice.

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