A History-Inspired Museum! Aizu Samurai Residence

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The Aizu Samurai Residence is a theme park museum containing important cultural assets of Fukushima Prefecture, historic residences, and archives.
With the residence of Tanomo Saigo (1830-1903), Edo Period retainer of the Aizu clan, at its center, the museum features historical buildings and rooms such as the Fukushima Prefecture important cultural asset Nakahata Jinya, tearooms, and rice mills.

A History-Inspired Museum! Aizu Samurai Residence
[A History-Inspired Museum! Aizu Samurai Residence]

The Number One Attraction! Retainer Residence

There is a total of 38 rooms in the retainer residence, including bedrooms and guest rooms. 328 tatami mats are in use throughout the house.

Historic Materials

There are several archives and history buildings on the premises that house precious materials.
In the Seiryu Museum, visitors can view Buddhist paintings, and in the rice mill they can see the water wheel-powered mill used by the Shirakawa Domain. Even today, the rice mill runs with the weight of water.

Experience Aizu Culture

For an affordable fee ranging from 200 yen to 870 yen, children and adults alike can enjoy participating in the “Experience Corner.” The available experiences include painting traditional toys like “akabeko,” which are said to invite familial safety and ward off illness, and “okiagari koboshi,” which are considered lucky as they always right themselves even if knocked over, as well as lessons on Japanese archery and glass-etching.
※Reservation is required for the Experience Corner.


Basic information on A History-Inspired Museum! Aizu Samurai Residence

A History-Inspired Museum! Aizu Samurai Residence

1 Higashiyamamachi, Ishiyama Innai, Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture
15 minutes by bus from JR Aizuwakamatsu Station
April through November 8:30-17:00
December through March 9:00-16:30
Open every day
Adults 850 yen, high school and junior high school students 550 yen, elementary school students 450 yen