Family Mart’s Sakura Matcha parfait (relax style)– A conbini sweets new product review.

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Get ready for the latest info on popular sweets available at your local conbini (the official Japanese abbreviation for convenience store)! The writer taste-tests and reviews new conbini sweets, letting us know which ones are the most note-worthy.
This time the writer reviews Family Mart’s “Sakura Matcha parfait (relax style)”, a new dessert released on the 21th of February 2017.

Sakura Matcha parfait (relax style)

Product name in Japanese
Available at
Family Mart
298 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date
February 21, 2017
274 kcal

This mini parfait comes in a round cup about 8cm x 5.5cm in size.

I love the pastel colors of the parfait, they remind me of spring. On top was Matcha whipped cream, Sakura whipped cream, along with a Shiratama sticky rice ball and red bean paste made from Hokkaido red beans. Last but not least, there was a salted cherry blossom placed on top. I felt like I was about to eat real Japanese confectionery!

The combination of coarsely mashed bean paste with the salted cherry blossom made it taste as if I was eating Sakura-an (Cherry blossom flavored red bean paste)! The cherry blossom was quite salty, which ended up enhancing the sweetness of the parfait.

Beneath the toppings were layers of Sakura mousse, Matcha mousse and sponge cake. The sponge was very modest, it did not overpower the harmony of the dessert. Matcha from the Uji region in Kyoto was used for this product.

The lovely aroma of refreshing Sakura and the bitterness of the Matcha matched so well.
Do you want to feel Spring early this year? Here’s a cup of magic for you. Enjoy!
This Sakura Matcha parfait is sold all over Japan except in Hokkaido, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa!