The best of Tokyo’s hot springs

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Hello, this is Saito, editor of the Good Luck Trip TOKYO March issue.

Let us point you in the direction of our favourite Tokyo hot spring facilities as well as the best nearby restaurants and relaxation spots. This month, as we head into spring, we have some exciting features for you. Whether you want to enjoy an excursion to Mt. Takao or check out your first super sento, an all-in-one entertainment facility containing hot springs, tasty food, and other fun activities, you’ll find all the info you need in this issue. In order to keep you in the loop of what's popular with the Japanese these days, we've compiled a list of retro and super-modern bath houses around Tokyo that we think might add something special to your trip.

  • Mt. Takao
  • Oedo Onsen Monogatari
  • Natural Hot Spring Thermae-yu
  • Inari-yu
  • Natural Hot Spring Hisamatsuyu

After experiencing the traditional culture of Tokyo in and around Asakusa, Ueno, Yanaka, etc., you might want to head away from the city and see a bit of the countryside. We suggest giving Aizu (Ouchi-juku and Aizu-wakamatsu) a visit as it can be accessed from Tokyo with ease. Check out the info in this issue to learn more about the area's traditional townscape, regional cuisine, wonderful hot springs, and more.

Hop on a Toei subway or streetcar and discover all that Tokyo has to offer. We'll introduce you to nostalgic cafes looking out at retro streetcars, popular cherry blossom viewing spots, the newest museums, great restaurants, and more!

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