Introducing the newest Tokyo digital guide book!

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Good news for those who check out “GOOD LUCK TRIP JAPAN” on the smartphone app! While using the app, if you touch a screen and swipe your finger from right to left like shown in the picture below, you can access all the contents in the original digital guide book “for FREE”.

On the right side, features of the app are displayed.
On the right side, features of the app are displayed.

This time, we added the newest digital guide book issued by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau to the list! In this book, the best of the best spots to visit in Tokyo are shown.

What’s more, for those who want to read the “Tokyo Guide” in places without any internet connections such as Wi-Fi, simple apps to download the whole eBook are also available.

More details about the eBook can be found down below, so please go on to learn more!

▼Displayed Content

Tokyo, a city where tradition and innovation intersect and new styles are constantly being created, promising diverse delights. The City of Tokyo and the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau have combined forces to gather all the delights, both old and new, of each area of Tokyo, the city at the heart of Japan, and summarise them in one guidebook! The pages of the guide not only feature abundant photographs of locations like Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, but also maps handy for any traveler. The design is simple and easy to read. Naturally, the areas, establishments and goods presented in the guide have been rigorously selected through research into what information travelers want to know right now.
The guide also presents stores that provide a halal menu without pork or alcohol, so that followers of Islam can enjoy their meals with peace of mind.
The comprehensive information contained within will meet your needs whether you are traveling as part of a group, or as an individual!

Application screen
Application screen
Application screen
Application screen

The main content is as follows:

- Shinjuku

Featuring stores recommended for travelers wishing to purchase home appliances, fashion or sweets as souvenirs, as well as entertainment bars created through collaboration between karaoke bars and popular video game manufacturers.

- Shibuya, Harajuku, Omotesando

Featuring the best stores for purchasing trending fashion items, as well as establishments where you can enjoy avant-garde live entertainment.

- Ginza, Tokyo, Marunouchi

Featuring stores dealing in luxury brands or products which highlight the attention to detail of Japanese craftmanship, as well as spots such as the cluster of famous ramen shops that stand as exemplars of Tokyo Ramen in the Tokyo Station Complex.

- Asakusa, Oshiage

Featuring the Tokyo Skytree, commercial establishments which gather famous products and local cuisine from all over Japan, photo studios offering the opportunity to be photographed in a kimono, and bars where you can enjoy your drinks in an atmosphere which is uniquely “Tokyo”.

- Ueno, Okachimachi

Featuring Ueno Park with its zoo and art museum, retail complexes so stylish that you might forget they are situated under the elevated structure of the Yamanote Line, and the National Museum of Western Art, where the building itself is recognised as so valuable that it has been registered as a world cultural heritage site.

- Tokyo, Nihonbashi

Featuring a tour on a water bus which allows you to enjoy the nature of the season on the Sumida River as it passes under numerous famous bridges. Also featuring department stores offering a lineup of carefully-selected high-quality goods, as well as the Tokyo Imperial Palace, full of natural splendour despite its location in the center of Tokyo.

- Odaiba

Featuring an indoor amusement park where you can enjoy as many as 20 different attractions drawing on cutting-edge technology, as well as a theme park run by the world famous Japanese car manufacturer Toyota.

- Roppongi

Featuring commercial establishments, a park, and an art museum all contained within one urban complex, as well as the Tokyo Tower from which you can see a 360-degree view around the whole of Tokyo, and udon stores which are a hit with the locals.

  • Displays route maps which includes the subway, and other easy-to-follow maps.
  • Handy information on special public transport offers restricted to foreign travelers
  • Also offers useful basic information for traveling in Tokyo including aspects such as cash withdrawal, currency exchange, and how to use free Wi-Fi etc.

This digital app is packed with even more of the latest information on Tokyo.
So, go and find the new Tokyo that’s just right for you.