The best cherry blossom locations in Tohoku

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Blossoming together in full glory, heralding spring to snow-covered Tohoku,Tohoku’s beautiful cherry trees, burst with life’s energy.

Majestic, one of the largest cherry trees in Tohoku stops all in awe

The Miharu Takizakura Cherry Tree, aged at least 1,000 years, bursts gloriously into remarkable ruby. So named “waterfall cherry” for its branches spreading in all directions with ruby flowers, appearing to cascade down like a waterfall. The cherry blossoms convey their sublime presence, hanging in the air. Breathtaking. The beguiling sight of this fascinating cherry tree lit up at night is a must-see.

One of the Five Aizu Cherry Trees, the Aizu Ishibe Cherry Tree, is aged 650 years. The branches of this vast tree divide off from the trunk reaching 20m, sweet little flowers crowding the branches when in full blossom. The awe-inspiring sight of this tree reaching upward to the skies is simply breathtaking. The superb branch form and pale pink of the flowers will surely charm you.

The large double-weeping rosebud cherry tree
The large double-weeping rosebud cherry tree stands out above the surrounding rice paddies.

A Tohoku spring spectacle, interweaving castle with cherry trees flowering toward the heavens

Hirosaki Park is Tohoku’s largest cherry tree scenic spot, with some 2 million visitors annually from Japan and abroad, its 2,600 cherry trees of some 50 different kinds vie for “most beautiful” as they greet the late spring. Cherry petals carpeting the surface of the moat, and the oldest Yoshino cherry tree in Japan, planted in 1882. Hirosaki Park is the only place to see these cherry tree spectacles.

Gejo Bridge
The distinct spectacle of Gejo Bridge’s red bannister interwoven with pale pink cherry blossoms

Tsurugajo Castle in Aizu Wakamatsu, a rare example in Japan of a red tiled castle from around the end of the Tokugawa shogunate. The finest scenic cherry tree spot in Aizu with some 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees as well as double-weeping rosebud cherry trees and weeping cherry trees, their blossoms jostling in bloom from mid- to late-April. The ethereal nightscape with castle keep hovering in the night sky and the surface of the moat reflecting the nighttime cherry blossoms is another delight.

A stunning sight
A stunning sight – Cherry blossoms envelope the red roofed keep.

Surrounded by a blizzard of cherry blossoms dancing gracefully over the river bank

Cherry trees form a straight band alongside the gently flowing Kitakami River. Tenshochi no Sakura (Tenshochi Cherry Trees) is one of the 3 great cherry viewing sites in Tohoku. See spring in all its glory, a fabulous profusion of blossoms in the vast park with some 10,000 cherry trees of about 150 varieties, from century-old Yoshino cherry trees, in bloom from mid-April, to Korean hill cherry trees, in bloom in early May.

A horse-drawn cart traverses the tunnel of cherry blossoms and a charming punt crosses the Kitakami River
A horse-drawn cart traverses the tunnel of cherry blossoms and a charming punt crosses the Kitakami River.

The superb spectacle of the Zao Range with a dusting of springtime snow and the Shiroishi River waters reflecting “Hitome Senbonzakura (1,000 cherry trees in one uninterrupted view)” sinuously lining the banks. Yoshino, Sendai-yoshino, and double-flowered cherry trees color the riverbank in what certainly is 1,000 trees in one uninterrupted view. Pleasure boats offer cherry blossom viewing from mid- to late-April during the cherry blossom festival for an elegant cherry viewing experience.

Over half the giant trees are more than 80-years old. Tohoku’s unique profusion of vast cherry trees.
Over half the giant trees are more than 80-years old. Tohoku’s unique profusion of vast cherry trees.
(Photo courtesy of Tourism Division, Miyagi Prefectural Government)

An extraordinary time walking the streets amid fluttering cherry petals

The profusion of weeping cherry trees in Kakunodate, Tohoku’s Little Kyoto, disguise the black-paling fences of stately samurai residences. Enjoy a stroll through the streets of this historical town as you admire some 400 weeping cherry trees. Or see the blossoms from an even closer vantage point, riding a rickshaw, an experience only Kakunodate can offer.

The profusion of weeping cherry trees in Kakunodate
Beautiful, graceful weeping cherry trees against a black-paling fence. The nighttime illumination makes a wonderful spectacle.