Fujiya’s COUNTRY MA’AM Chocolate-drizzled Mint Cookies

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Now you can enjoy Japan’s favourite chocolate chip cookies, COUNTRY MA’AM, in a new and exciting flavour: Mint! COUNTRY MA’AM cookies are loved across the country for their soft and chewy texture and delectable flavour.

COUNTRY MA’AM Chocolate-drizzled Mint Cookies

Product name in Japanese
チョコを愉しむカントリーマアム ミント
119 yen (Tax incl.)
45 g
227 kcal
Sale date
April 18, 2017

Each package contains 6 small, plump cookies.
The cocoa-flavoured cookies drizzled in chocolate have an appearance that screams extravagant.

But don’t worry, that familiar soft and chewy texture is still present, but with the added goodness of chocolate chips and mint chocolate chips. The cooling flavour and aroma of the mint really is the cherry on top.

For those who want something even more refreshing, we recommend chilling them in the fridge before you dig in; it enhances the mintyness. And as these delightful cookies can be found at most convenience stores and supermarkets, we urge you to keep your eye out and give them a try!