Lawson’s fruity Shirokuma shaved ice dessert– A conbini sweets new product review.

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Get ready for the latest info on popular sweets available at your local conbini (the official Japanese abbreviation for convenience store)! The writer taste-tests and reviews new conbini sweets, letting us know which ones are the most note-worthy.
This time the writer reviews Lawson’s “Fruity Shirokuma shaved ice dessert”, a new dessert released on the 25th of April 2017.

Fruity Shirokuma shaved ice dessert

Product name in Japanese
Available at
299 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date
April 25, 2017
301 kcal

Yes! Yet again, Shirokuma is being sold at Lawson! Shirokuma is a famous shaved ice dessert which originated in Kagoshima prefecture. Inside you will find cooked beans and fruit on condensed milk and shaved ice. It comes in a big cup, and I love the big portion!

There were frozen strawberries, mandarin oranges, pineapples, kiwis, peaches and beans, all nicely displayed on top. You couldn’t even see the shaved ice on the bottom. Looked so good!

It’s up to you, either eat the fruit right away or wait till the fruit softens a little bit.
It will be good either way!

There was plenty of condensed milk in the shaved ice and surprisingly some diced apples. Usually Shirokuma shaved ice desserts don’t have apples in them, but the texture was very good. It was very refreshing!

The sweet and sour fruit with the mild condensed milk flavor was such a good combination!
When you eat the whole cup, you will definitely be cooled off.
Shirokuma shaved ice dessert is all you need this Summer!