Kit Kat “Luxury Every Day” New Rose Flavor!

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Kit Kat’s “Luxury Every Day” product line is a hot-topic treat that was released in September of 2016. The familiar Kit Kat bar was topped with cranberries and almonds, transforming it into a luxurious treat.
This time we will introduce a new limited-time Kit Kat, topped with rose petals, that has been added to the “Luxury Every Day” lineup as of April 2017!

Kit Kat Luxury Every Day – Special Assortment Edition 2

Product name in Japanese
キットカット毎日の贅沢スペシャルアソート Edition2
291 yen (Tax incl.)
6 pc. (2 varieties, 3 each)
Sale date
April 17, 2017

This product contains two Kit Kat varieties: the standard “Luxury Every Day,” and the limited-availability “Luxury Every Day White Rose and Black Tea.”
The adorable package has pink roses drawn on it.

The box contains 3 of both the regular cranberry and almond Kit Kat bars and the new rose and tea Kit Kat bars.

Both varieties are low on calories; one cranberry and almond bar is 39 calories, while one rose and tea bar is 37 calories.

The rose and tea bar is covered in white chocolate.
The price requires a bit more of a splurge than a standard Kit Kat would, but these special varieties are certainly worth it, especially with their gorgeous appearance.

“Luxury Every Day”
“Luxury Every Day”

The milk chocolate bar is topped with plenty of cranberries and almonds.
The cranberry flavor isn’t overpowering, just a slight and refreshing hint of sourness.

“Luxury Every Day White Rose and Black Tea”
“Luxury Every Day White Rose and Black Tea”

Flecks of rose petals top the bars, making for stunning visuals.
The slightly sour floral fragrance blends with the sweetness of the white chocolate, creating an elegant feel. The black tea’s fragrance is not very prominent.
The almond toppings are delightfully fragrant as well.

Of course, the bars have a wafer center. They are not too sweet, and have a light texture.

How about taking a luxurious break with this more elegant variety of Kit Kat?
On sale now at convenience stores and supermarkets!