The famous pineapple candy as “ Pineapple Baumkuchen”. Limited to Osaka!

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Baumkuchen is fast becoming the new standard Osaka souvenir. And this kind is so hard to get right now because it’s so popular.
The original Pineapple candy has been around for more than 60 years and has been loved by generation after generation of Japanese. Now, Pineapple Baumkuchen has been made to look like this pineapple candy. Because it’s only available in the Kansai region, it has become very popular.

This is what the good old pineapple candy that was loved by many looks like.
This is what the good old pineapple candy that was loved by many looks like.
Naniwameibutsu Ichibirian
Naniwameibutsu Ichibirian

This is a souvenir shop near Namba Grand Kagetsu theatre “Naniwameibutsu Ichibirian” Namba branch.

Naniwameibutsu Ichibirian

2-11-10 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
The super popular Pineapple Baumkuchen
The super popular Pineapple Baumkuchen

Lucky me! I got the last one! Yes!

It’s not even in the usual Baumkuchen box. It’s in a simple bag that looks like the original candy. It looks just like the original candy but bigger of course!

As soon as I opened the package, the aroma of the pineapple candy hit my nose♪
Pineapple puree was used to intensify the pineapple flavour.

It was moist and had the rich aroma of pineapple! So good! It sure entertained my taste buds.
Actually it didn’t taste like real pineapple, but more like the pineapple flavoured candy!

I can’t believe how accurately they made this dessert.
The moment I ate it, it triggered fond memories of pineapple candy!!

It was very dense and it’s not as dry as the usual “souvenir” baumkuchen.

It’s super popular and hard to find. If you want to get ahold of some, your best bet would be check the Shinsaibashi and Namba areas where there are many souvenir shops.

If you are in Osaka, don’t miss this dessert.