Vegetable Ottotto Ice Now Sold for a Limited Time at Family Mart and Circle K Sunkus!

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“Ottotto” is a long-sold type of snack manufactured by Morinaga since 1981.
They’re a lightly-salted crispy snack that come in the shapes of different fish and shellfish. This very same Ottotto has now made its debut as an ice cream!
The ice cream has a “surprising consommé-flavored finish” to it, and it has become a hot topic immediately after its release!

Vegetable Ottotto Ice

Product name in Japanese
Available at
Family Mart or Circle K Sunkus
140 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date
May 30, 2017
129 kcal

In the past, Ottotto has released a soy sauce flavored ice cream, which I actually liked quite a lot, so I have high expectations for the consommé flavor this time. The ingredients list things like vegetable powder, tomato, carrot, and spinach.

It looks like regular milk ice cream.

One bite in and I’m shocked! They managed to reproduce the flavors well this time too!
Even the fragrance you catch when you breathe is purely Ottotto!
Some people have said that they dislike it because it is consommé-flavored ice cream, but I personally found the salty-sweet mix of milk and consommé flavors to be addicting.

This product is limited in number, so be sure to hurry out and buy it if you’re interested in trying it!