Lawson’s 4 layer Uji Matcha milk & jelly– A conbini sweets new product review.

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Get ready for the latest info on popular sweets available at your local conbini (the official Japanese abbreviation for convenience store)! The writer taste-tests and reviews new conbini sweets, letting us know which ones are the most note-worthy.
This time the writer reviews Lawson’s “4 layers Uji Matcha milk & jelly”, a new dessert released on the 25th of July 2017.

4 layers Uji Matcha milk & jelly

Product name in Japanese
Available at
240 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date
July 25, 2017
240 kcal

Lawson recently released this dessert which uses high quality Uji Matcha from Tsujiri ichihonten!

The clear cup showcases the beautiful layers of green!
The bottom layer has Matcha jelly, on top of that is milk mousse, then Matcha milk jelly, then finally milky sauce on top!

Matcha powder was sprinkled on top!
It really accentuate the flavor of this dessert!

It was oh so good!
The milky mousse tasted like condensed milk and it melted softly on my tongue.
The Matcha milk jelly had a Matcha flavor mixed with milky mildness. It reminded me of a Matcha latte.
The bottom layer had quite a firm texture. You will not be disappointed when you taste the distinctiveness of the high quality Matcha!

Sweet Matcha and Bitter Matcha blended perfectly in a cup!
I was really satisfied with this pairing! Love Matcha? You better try this!