【TOKYO】 “ALATA”; the Samurai Entertainment for visitors from all countries!

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At the Alternative Theater in Yurakucho in Tokyo, Japanese Samurai Entertainment “ALATA” has been played. Since it is a non-verbal (language-free) performance, there are rarely no lines by characters. Instead, the story is told through images, music, dynamic dance and Japanese sword actions. For the performance to be enjoyed by people from all countries, the show is packed with unique Japanese cultural factors.

PR Video of Samurai Musical “ALATA”


Samurai Alata, who is a samurai in the Sengoku Era (in the mid 1500s) time-traveled to 2020 Tokyo and meet “Kokoro” who works in the City. Together, Alata and Kokoro confront various enemies and hardships. In the end, can Alata go back to his time safely?

Alata holding up his sword high
Alata holding up his sword high


More than anything, their Japanese sword action and dance are breathtaking! Super cool! Exciting is the best word to describe the Samurai Alata’s battle scene. With breathless wire stunts and dancing on aisles tight next to audiences’ seats, it is guaranteed that the whole theater gets excited! Even though I am a man, I could barely contain myself!

Wire stunts
Wire stunts

Helpful trivia to know before the show

The show includes lots of cultural factors such as Hanafuda (Japanese playing cards), temple, samurai, kimono, kabuki, and swords that originated in Japan. With some information about them in advance, you will be able to enjoy the show even more.

Hanafuda (Japanese Playing Cards)

One of the traditional card games in Japan. Each card has vibrant illustrations of flowers and animals that represent each of 12 months. A combination of cards decides who a winner is.

Hanafuda (Japanese Playing Cards)
Hanafuda (Japanese Playing Cards)

Hand Drums

One of the traditional musical instruments in Japan. It’s small and creates sounds when tapped by fingers. It is used for sacred opportunities such as religious ceremonies.

Hand Drums
Hand Drums

Ticket Information

A show runs for 70 minutes and a ticket is ¥8,000 (including tax).
They do have day tickets available, but we recommended getting your seat in advance on their website.

Basic Information of Alternative Theater

Yurakucho Mullion (Yurakucho Center Bldg.) 7F, 2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
3 minutes’ walk from the central/Ginza exit of Yurakucho station on the JR Yamanote Line, 1 minutes’ walk from C4 exit of Ginza station
Business Hours
Varies every day, so check out their official website
URL (English)