Lawson’s caramel & nuts banana crepe– A conbini sweets new product review.

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Get ready for the latest info on popular sweets available at your local conbini (the official Japanese abbreviation for convenience store)! The writer taste-tests and reviews new conbini sweets, letting us know which ones are the most note-worthy.
This time the writer reviews Lawson’s “Caramel & nuts banana crepe”, a new dessert released on the 15th of August 2017.

Caramel & nuts banana crepe
Caramel & nuts banana crepe

Caramel & nuts banana crepe

Product name in Japanese
Available at
295 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date
August 15, 2017
339 kcal

Caramel and banana!? What a lovely combination!
For a crepe you can buy at a store, it was quite big and elegant!

On top, there was plenty of caramel whipped cream and caramel sauce sprinkled with almond bits. The almond bits were coated with sugar, adding a nice crunchy texture to the dessert.
The crepe was moist and thicker than a usual crepe making it easier to lift.

Inside were 3 thick slices of banana, caramel whipped cream, as well as almonds.
The caramel was sweet with a little bit of burned bitterness accentuating the banana’s sweetness.

After eating one, I was full!
If you feel like you wanna satisfy your sweets craving, this is the dessert for you!