Lawson’s Kagabocha Hoji-cha pudding (with Noto Dainagon red beans)– A conbini sweets new product review.

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Get ready for the latest info on popular sweets available at your local conbini (the official Japanese abbreviation for convenience store)! The writer taste-tests and reviews new conbini sweets, letting us know which ones are the most note-worthy.
This time the writer reviews Lawson’s “Kagabocha Hoji-cha pudding (with Noto dainagon red beans)”, a new dessert released on the 29th of August 2017.

Kagabocha Hoji-cha pudding (with Noto Dainagon red beans)

Product name in Japanese
加賀棒茶のほうじ茶プリン 能登大納言小豆入り
Available at
165 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date
August 29, 2017
295 kcal

Kagabocha is the pride of Ishikawa prefecture’s tea industry. Kagabocha is a kind of houji tea. What makes Kagabocha unique is that unlike regular houji tea, it is made with “stems” of tea plants instead of leaves. The first-plucked, high quality stems are briskly roasted in high heat in order to draw out its distinctive sweet aroma.
It is a lighter roast than houji so it’s very refreshing. Noto dainagon are red beans used in expensive Japanese traditional confectionary.
This Japanese style pudding uses Kaga bocha and Noto dainagon to flavor it. Time for a taste test.

The pudding was quite bouncy!
The sweetness was very natural compared to regular puddings.
I could taste the Kaga bocha caramel like flavor. It was good!

There were lots of Noto dainagon red beans on the bottom. They are bigger than normal red beans. Before eating it I wondered if red beans were even necessary in this dessert.
But the mild sweetness of red beans was so good in this pudding. I could even have some more red beans.

Both Kagabocha and Noto dainagon come from Ishikawa prefecture so I felt as if I had taken a trip to Ishikawa! The dessert wasn't too sweet and is the perfect dessert to follow a meal.