What are the Featured Autumn Products at Osaka’s Trend Hub, “Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store”?

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In the heart of Osaka's city center, Umeda, you'll find the impressive Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store, one of Japan’s largest department stores. Housing many of the world's finest brands—and everything from sweets and cosmetics to fashion—it serves as an invaluable resource for fashion-conscious women interested in all the latest crazes. This time, we’ll be introducing some of our recommended sweets and cosmetic items for you to check out this autumn(2017).

“Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store,” Located in Umeda, the City Center of Osaka
“Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store,” Located in Umeda, the City Center of Osaka

B1F: Sweets

On the 1st and 2nd basement floors have selections of high-quality sweets from across the world.

[Crispy Custard Almond Chocolat / Store: Beard Papa Grande]

These freshly-baked treats have a flaky outer shell and are packed full of scrumptious thick custard cream. Enjoy new flavors and textures that you can’t get anywhere other than a cream puff specialty store. Almond Chocolat is a winter-exclusive item.

Crispy Custard Almond Chocolat (270 yen per piece)
Crispy Custard Almond Chocolat (270 yen per piece)

[Lemon, Muscat, Kyoho Grape, Plum (each box contains 8pcs) / Store: cororo]

Since its opening in April 2017, the incredibly popular shop, cororo has specialized in “new sensation gummis.” Their gummis are surprisingly juicy, and it’s almost like eating a real fruit! They even take measures to reproduce the feeling of each fruit in their gummis; for example, there are small seed-like droplets in the muscat and kyoho grape gummis.

Lemon, Muscat, Kyoho Grape, Plum (540 yen per box, 8pcs)
Lemon, Muscat, Kyoho Grape, Plum (540 yen per box, 8pcs)

[Galette aux Fruits / Store: à la campagne]

Warm sweets crafted in the image of southern France’s Provence are a hot item for women and couples. This “galette aux fruits,” a crispy galette topped with mascarpone cream and plenty of fruit, has a sweet-and-sour refreshing flavor. Additionally, they also offer a wide lineup of sweets made with seasonal fruits.

Galette aux Fruits (702 yen per piece)
Galette aux Fruits (702 yen per piece)

[Chestnut Terrine / Store: Adachi Otoemon]

This pound cake is packed with three types of chestnuts, each from a different area. 400 grams of the cake’s 650-gram weight alone are chestnuts, so wherever you slice it, you’re sure to find some chestnut! The cake is very lightly sweetened, so you can enjoy the deliciousness of the chestnuts as they are and the subtle sweetness of nature.

Chestnut Terrine (4,590 yen per loaf)
Chestnut Terrine (4,590 yen per loaf)

2F: Cosmetics

Next, we will introduce some interesting products from the cosmetics floor, which is the largest scale in the Kansai region.

[Designing Color Eyes / Store: SUQQU]

This eyeshadow is garnering a lot of attention after winning multiple awards in 2017! Its contrasts between highlights and shadows make for an impressive look. There are 8 elegant lineups of colors to choose from that will make your autumn and winter looks pop!

Designing Color Eyes (7,344 yen)
Designing Color Eyes (7,344 yen)

[Pure Color Blush / Store: SUQQU]

This blush lightly tints your cheeks, giving them just the right amount of shine and a multidimensional look. The gorgeous color gradation helps your expressions pop and beautifully brightens your face. It helps create a healthy-looking complexion.

Pure Color Blush (5,940 yen)
Pure Color Blush (5,940 yen)

[Lip Blossom / Store: JILL STUART]

This lipstick is so light that it feels like it could melt away on your lips! Its beautiful colors seem almost translucent. It makes your lips plump and dewy with moisturizing beauty extracts.

Lip Blossom (3,024 yen)
Lip Blossom (3,024 yen)

[La Poudre Haute Nuance Luxueuse, La Poudre Haute Nuance / Store: ELÉGANCE]

The more you apply, the more translucent brightness you’ll get. This powder covers your pores, creating the appearance of smooth, even skin. It is water and oil-resistant, fits itself to your skin, and lasts well.
On the left is their finishing face powder. On the right is their reapplication face powder.

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

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