DAISO’s Cute Large Ribbon Clutch Bag – A review of affordable items

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Written by  secci

Who doesn’t want to buy lovely yet affordable stuff!? If you love a good deal, keep reading this series—it’s for you! I will keep you updated on all the best finds from a variety of Japan’s popular 100 yen and 300 yen shops!
This time, I’ll be introducing DAISO’s Ribbon Clutch Bag!

DAISO’s Cute Large Ribbon Clutch Bag

Product name in Japanese
クラッチバッグ リボン
200 yen each (Tax excl.)

I picked up a clutch with a big, cute ribbon at DAISO.
You can use it as a bag, but you could also use it as a large pouch.

Close-Up of Material
Close-Up of Material

It’s well-made out of a cotton material.
This bag costs 200 yen
It’s sized at 18 by 30 centimeters.

Product Tag
Product Tag

The inside is lined with nylon. There are no inner pockets.


There was also another version where the ribbon was made of denim material which was cute too!♡

Cute Large Ribbon Clutch Bag♡
Cute Large Ribbon Clutch Bag♡

I’m not using it as a clutch bag, but rather for sorting my accessories that I carry in my bags.
It keeps the insides of my bags clean and tidy, not all jumbled up!