Affordable Limited Edition Sweets! Lotte Choco Pie & Pablo "Japanese Cheesecake"

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Pablo is a popular sweets shop specializing in freshly baked cheesecakes with 42 domestic locations, mainly in Osaka, as well as shops overseas. Now it has collaborated with Lotte Choco Pie to produce an item using matcha (powdered green tea)!
Since it is now on sale in convenience stores and supermarkets throughout Japan, I went out right away and got one to try!

Lotte Choco Pie PABLO's Japanese Cheesecake Kyoto Style

97 yen (Tax incl.)
Sale date
September 29, 2017
186 kcal
Lotte Choco Pie Japanese Cheesecake
Lotte Choco Pie Japanese Cheesecake

This Choco Pie was created in the image of Pablo's popular Matcha Cheesecake Tart. Matcha (powdered green tea) cheese cream and Kuromitsu (dark molasses) sauce are sandwiched between two layers of cake, and this is topped with a chocolate coating.

Although it looks just like any other Choco Pie, in order to recreate Pablo's fluffy texture, it actually uses 1.3 times more cream than usual.

The side view of this Choco Pie
The side view of this Choco Pie

It's so good! The aroma of liqueur envelops the moist cake. The cheese isn't too strong, leaving a slight aftertaste of Matcha, and the little bits of Kuromitsu add a nice accent.
While the regular Choco Pie is also great, this one tastes like an elegant dessert for adults!
Pablo fans are sure to love it, but why not give it a try, even if there's no Pablo shop in your neighborhood?

Convenience Store Shelf  Left: Premium Cheesecake  Right: Japanese Cheesecake
Convenience Store Shelf Left: Premium Cheesecake Right: Japanese Cheesecake

The Premium Cheesecake, a past collaboration product, is now on sale again! Sales of this popular flavor topped 5 million last April. The cheese cream is paired with a slightly bitter caramel sauce for a taste recalling Creme Brulee.

Both are available for a limited time only at supermarkets and convenience stores across Japan, so check them out as soon as possible!