Kanagawa – A Small Inn with a Sunken Hearth – Kamakura Guesthouse

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I highly recommend this facility to those interested in traditional Japanese houses! Here I will be introducing Kanagawa Prefecture’s Kamakura Guesthouse, “a small inn with a sunken hearth.”

Kamakura Guesthouse
Kamakura Guesthouse


The guesthouse is located a 9-minute walk from “Shonan-Fukasawa Station,” the nearest station. Additionally, you can get to Kamakura Station in about 15 minutes if you get on the bus at the “Kajiwara-guchi” stop, about 1 minute on foot from the guesthouse, making this a perfect location for sightseeing!

Traditional Japanese Architecture

This facility was built by craftsmen called “miyadaiku,” who specialize in traditional architecture like shrines and temples.
The building was originally used as a restaurant for Akita cuisine, but it is now used as a guesthouse, a place for the people of the world to come and rest.
It was also built without using a single nail; instead, it uses fitted wood framing. This method of construction leaves no room for errors, so it can’t be achieved by a subpar carpenter. Additionally, you can feel the care put into the construction in every corner of the building, like the usage of natural Akita cedar in its 10 central pillars.

Old-Fashioned Sunken Hearth

There’s also a sunken hearth, a sight that’s become fairly uncommon in Japan in recent times, in the common space!
A sunken hearth is a square area cut out of a portion of a room in which a fire is lit, and it is a traditional Japanese installation that is used for heating and cooking.

Sunken Hearth
Sunken Hearth

The sunken hearth is relatively large, able to fit up to 8 people around it. The fire is lit every day from October through March, so during those times guests can freely cook their own food over the flames. Having a few drinks around the hearth is also an excellent way to relax and enjoy easy conversations, even with those you’ve never met before.

Fish Cooked Over the Sunken Hearth
Fish Cooked Over the Sunken Hearth

Quality Japanese Futons selected by the owner

The owner of the guesthouse was once a traveler himself. As his hopes are for guests to “rest away the tiredness of their travels here,” even the bedding at the guesthouse is quality, using fluffy Japanese futons purchased from a long-established store in Tokyo.
This is especially nice for overseas guests who have never slept on a Japanese futon before.

Japanese Futon
Japanese Futon

Types of Rooms

Room types are divided into same-sex dormitory rooms (tatami rooms) and bunk bed private rooms (flooring).
The private rooms are fully lockable and can accommodate up to 4 guests. They utilize the same shared restrooms and showers as the dormitory rooms.

Tatami Room, Men’s Dormitory

Men’s Dormitory
Men’s Dormitory

Tatami Room, Women’s Dormitory

Women’s Dormitory
Women’s Dormitory

Bunk Beds, Private Room

Private Room
Private Room

Available Free Amenities

Internet (wired and wireless LAN connections), valuables locker, shower, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, body wash, dryer, frying pans, pans, rice cooker, oven, microwave, pots, toaster, salad dressing, soy sauce, salt, sugar, parking spaces (for motorcycles and bicycles; by reservation), outdoor smoking area
※Please bring your own pajamas and towels.

Available Paid Amenities

Rental bicycles (1 day 500 yen), parking lot (1000 yen per night; by reservation), washing machine (100 yen per use)

Basic information on A Small Inn with a Sunken Hearth – Kamakura Guesthouse

273-3 Tokiwa, Kamakura City, Kanagawa
9 minutes on foot from Shonan-Fukasawa Station, or 1 minute on foot from Kajiwara-guchi bus stop
2 pm - 8 pm
10 am
Room Price
3,500 yen
Credit Cards
Not accepted