Introducing a Popular Souvenir from Hokkaido: "Sapporo Kari-Sembei Curry Curry Mada Aru?"

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Written by  Chigusa

First appearing in 2009, "Curry Curry Mada Aru?" is a new type of curry rice cracker (sembei in Japanese) created by Sapporo Curry Yoshimi, a local restaurant famous for its soup curry.
Now it's such a popular product that souvenir shops can't survive without it!

The key point about the taste of these rice crackers is the special garam masala blend of spices and the shrimp that is kneaded into the dough.
With their habit-forming flavor, you might ask without thinking, "Are there any more?" ("Mada aru?" in Japanese). That's where their name comes from!

Individually packaged
Individually packaged

These rice crackers are divided into small pouches, so you won't eat too many (lol)!

They're Spicy...But I Can't Stop!

Rod-shaped rice crackers
Rod-shaped rice crackers

Open the pouch, and a super-spicy aroma will greet you!
Only domestic Japanese rice is used to make these crackers.
They're really crunchy, with a good mouthfeel!


They're so delicious! With a deep flavor that's hotter than I imagined, they feature an authentic spiciness!
There are lots of curry rice crackers, but I've never tried anything as hot as this brand!
Aimed at adults, this snack is perfect to nibble with sake or other types of alcohol.

The back of the individual pouch
The back of the individual pouch
Product name in Japanese
札幌カリーせんべい カリカリまだある?
¥648 (including tax) for a box of 8 (18-gram) pouches
90 calories per pouch
Shelf Life
about 120 days