Introducing Popular Cosmetics! 3 Products from Deja Vu

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@cosme is one of Japan’s most popular cosmetics review sites. On June 14th of 2018, the “2018 @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards for New Cosmetics in the First Half of the Year” was revealed! This time, we’ll be introducing three products from makeup brand “Deja Vu”: their eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and mascara!

(Left Image) “Powder Pencil Eyebrows”

In recent years, with the rise in popularity of natural makeup products, powder-type eyebrow makeups have become “in,” but many people have difficulties using them because it’s hard to draw thin lines with it, or it comes off easily. To fill that gap, Deja Vu has made this “Powder Pencil Eyebrows,” which has shaped powder into a pencil shape.
Ingredients to preserve long wear are also included in the product, so you can easily do your eyebrows with just this one product! Available in 3 colors.

Price: 900 yen (excl. tax)

(Center Image) “Total-Coverage Eyeliner” Cream Pencil

This cream pencil has become a hot product thanks to its natural looks and being easy to apply.
Many reviews comment on how the eyeliner itself is so soft, but the lines don’t bleed or blur! Available in 4 colors.

Price: 1,200yen (excl. tax)

(Right Image) “False-Eyelash Mascara” Long Color

This color-type mascara is a long-awaited product from the #1 mascara for 13 years, “False-Eyelash Mascara” Long. The black base color does not stand out too strongly, making this a hit with older women. Available in 2 colors.

Price: 1,500yen (excl. tax)

※Prices may vary by shop.