A Healthy and Beautiful Lunch at “SHISEIDO THE TABLES” in Ginza

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The flagship store for Shiseido, “SHISEIDO THE STORE,” opened in January of 2018. This time, I’ll be having lunch at the 4th floor café of that very building, in “SHISEIDO THE TABLES.”
As expected of the cosmetics brand Shiseido, the café supposedly sells healthy food and drinks that are made with seasonal ingredients.


This building features a variety of things related to Shiseido, such as selling Shiseido cosmetics, holding beauty lessons and photography sessions, the café, esthetics, and beauty seminars.

Near the Elevator
Near the Elevator

If you enter the elevator on the side of the building facing Hana Tsubaki Street and go up to the 4th floor, that’s where you’ll find the café.

Lunch Menu
Lunch Menu

They offer two types of lunch dishes: “Ancient Seed Vegetable Bento” and “Ancient Seed Vegetable Bread Plate.” (Both 1800 yen)
In both choices, the dish is made with traditional Japanese vegetables grown from seeds carefully propagated by Japanese farmers.

I was also interested in their seasonal Japanese sweets (wagashi), but I decided to try those the next time I stop by.

Drink Menu
Drink Menu

The drink menu even features amazake, which has become a hot topic because it’s supposedly good for your health.

Ancient Seed Vegetable Bento

This healthy bento is packed with vegetables!
The seasonal ancient seed vegetables were prepared 5 ways, served raw, simmered, grilled, steamed, and fried.
The textures were excellent, and I really got a strong flavor of the vegetables themselves!
The miso soup was made with their own original white miso, which uses Nagano’s traditional soybeans and rice native to Yamagata.

It Looks Like It Could Clean Your Insides Out!
It Looks Like It Could Clean Your Insides Out!

The interior of the café was also lovely, and they also have things like miscellaneous goods and books for sale.
It would probably be nice to stop in here as a break from shopping.

Basic information on SHISEIDO THE TABLES

SHISEIDO THE STORE 4F, 7-8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
About 5 minutes on foot from JR and Tokyo Metro’s Shimbashi Station
Business Hours
11:00 am – 8:00 pm
No scheduled holidays