Fascinating Shiga prefecture around seven themes! [Good Luck Trip]

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Hello, this is editor of the 2018-2019 Good Luck Trip SHIGA issue.

The topic feature of this issue is entitled "Shiga of Fascination with Seven Themes", ① Cycling around Lake Biwa ② Healthy food and activities ③ Entertainment spot you want to go with ④ Shiga's culture experience ⑤ Cruise ⑥ Island tour ⑦ Like a superb view spot, we will approach Shiga's attraction from various angles.

Main content

  • Let's go around Lake Biwa "Biwaichi" Cycling
  • "Hakama experience" at Omi Jingu
  • Cruising "Yawata drill" cruise through a cherry tree tunnel by boat
  • Landing on the mysterious island "Takechijima"!
  • To boast at SNS The best view "Shiroki Shrine"

The 2018-2019 Good Luck Trip SHIGA issue

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