Introducing a Popular Souvenir from Hakata: "Mentai Tube" 5-Piece Set

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Hakata Station's Ming Department Store, the largest souvenir shop in Kyushu, recently held a runoff contest to choose the best souvenir of 2018. Mention "Hakata" and its famous mentaiko (salted spicy pollack roe) will come to mind for many in Japan. The first-place winner in this contest was this "Mentai Tube" 5-piece set!

This "Mentai Tube" was developed to make it easier to enjoy using Karashi mentaiko. Savor the flavor of this spicy pollack roe paste by simply putting it on top of rice, flavoring pasta with it, or spreading it on bread.

The contents of the Mentai Tube 5-piece set

  • Gohan Plain Karashi (Spicy) Mentai
  • Gohan Ume & Kelp Mentai
  • Hakata's Bread Mentai France
  • Hakata's Bread Cream Cheese Mentai
  • Hakata's Honey & Cream Cheese Mentai

Basic information on Mentai Tube

100 grams per tube
Shelf life
30 days (keep refrigerated)
¥648 per tube (tax included)

These products are on sale at Yamaya's concept shop, YAMAYA BASE NAKASU 2312. They are also available at Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Station, and department stores.