Introducing Popular Food Sold at Hankyu Umeda, Osaka's Major Department Store!

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Located in the center of Osaka, Hankyu Umeda is one of Japan's top department stores, offering a wide selection of trendy items from both inside and beyond Japan. In particular, it boasts the greatest quantity of fashion and cosmetic products in all of Kansai! What's more, by collaborating with a variety of food makers, Hankyu Umeda Department Store keeps developing products that are only available here. Among these items, this article will introduce 3 of the most popular that are now on sale at newly-opened shops inside this department store!

“Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store,” Located in Umeda, the City Center of Osaka
“Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store,” Located in Umeda, the City Center of Osaka

B1F: Sweets &Food

【Momofuku Noodle / Shop: Nissin Cup Noodles】

Created with the concept of "a hearty helping of vegetables", you can savor cup noodles made to order!
Choose your favorite types of diced vegetables and umami-packed vegetable soup to add to your cup noodles, made with whole-wheat, non-fried noodles with added dietary fiber. These cup noodles also make great souvenirs!

Momofuku Noodle ¥540
Momofuku Noodle ¥540

【Curry Bread/ Shop: House "CURRYPAN DAY"】

This curry bread shop is a collaboration between Hankyu Umeda Department Store and House Foods, a company famous throughout Japan for manufacturing curry roux that is used in home cooking.
In pursuit of "bread that tastes like curry and rice", they have created a fried curry bun filled with big chunks of ingredients that is sure to satisfy! Two flavors are sold here: the sweet "Vermont Curry" bread and the spicy "Java Curry" bread.

【Okonomiyaki Sauce Manju/ Shop: OTAFUKU Sauce oh!!sauce】

This Okonomiyaki (savory Japanese griddle cake) sauce Manju is a snack that can be eaten with one hand, just like a hamburger!
Inside the savory pancake dough, made with plenty of vegetables, is oh!!sauce's special sauce. It's a revolutionary style of Okonomiyaki, Osaka's famous griddle dish. The menu features 6 different flavors, including thin soba and thick udon noodles. It's recommended that you try them all to find your favorites! Otafuku's special oh!!sauce is also sold here.

Okonomiyaki Sauce Manju (Soba) ¥220
Okonomiyaki Sauce Manju (Soba) ¥220