With Shiseido's Patented Technology, Block Pollen, Viruses, and PM2.5!

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Written by Chigusa

At around the end of winter, many people suffer from distress in the eyes and nose caused by pollen. In Japan, March is the peak of the pollen season. In order to avoid pollen adhesion, people have come up with several solutions, such as wearing glasses and masks. This article will introduce another way of dealing with pollen: a product called IHADA made by Shiseido.

IHADA Aller Screen EX

This clear veil is a combination of patented technology and new blocking ingredients which suppress the adhesion of minute pollen particles to the body. With just one push of this spray, you can keep pollen, PM2.5, and viruses from sticking to your skin and hair.

50g 900 yen (plus tax)
100g 1,600 yen (plus tax)

Fine droplets of mist combined with natural hot spring water will spread over your face. It can be used on top of makeup, too.

IHADA Aller Screen Gel EX

The clear veil made with the ingredients combining patented technology and new blockers will prevent the adhesion of fine particles of pollen. Just one quick swipe of this gel will stop pollen, PM2.5, and viruses from clinging to your eyes and nose.

3g900 yen (plus tax)

Spread it around your nose and eyes.
Spread it around your nose and eyes.


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