Iwate Prefecture: Kitakami Tenshochi

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In Kitakami Tenshochi Park you will find rows of Yoshino cherry trees around 100 years old lining a 2 kilometer stretch of Kitakami River, creating a beautiful cherry blossom tunnel. Within the 293-hectare park there are around 10,000 cherry trees across around 150 different varieties, so whether you see the Yoshino cherry trees blooming in mid-April or the Korean hill cherry trees blooming in late May, there is always a variety in bloom during those months. Around 300 carp-shaped streamers fill the sky around Kitakami River during the cherry blossom festival, and there are also sightseeing carriages and pleasure boats available for guests as well.

You can even enjoy the combination of both carp streamers and iconic Japanese cherry blossoms together at the same time.

Carp streamers swimming in the sky above Kitakami River
Carp streamers swimming in the sky above Kitakami River

The overlooking view of the cherry blossoms from the top of Jingaoka is beautiful.

Cherry trees seen from Jingaoka
Cherry trees seen from Jingaoka

Basic Information on Cherry blossom festival at Kitakami Tenshochi Park

Tachibana, Kitakami City, Iwate
Walk about 15 minutes from “Kitakami Station”
0197-65-0300 (General Kitakami Tourism Convention Association)
April 15, 2019 - May 6, 2019