A Bus that’s Almost an Attraction in Itself! Introducing the “Kobe Panoramic Tour” that Offers a Thrilling View of Kobe’s Sights!

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Much of Kobe’s appeal comes from its exotic cityscape and the beautiful scenery combining sea and mountains. It also offers plenty of sightseeing spots, like Port Tower. The SKY BUS KOBE, an open-top double-decker bus, offers an efficient and exciting way to get around. If you’re looking to see all that Kobe has to offer, we recommend the “Kobe Panoramic Tour.”

鮮紅的車身是SKY BUS KOBE的特徵
The bright red exterior is an iconic feature of Sky Bus Kobe

The thrills and exhilaration of driving through Kobe’s romantic cityscape atop an open-top bus is almost like an attraction in and of itself! You’re sure to be enchanted by the beautiful scenery around you in every direction. Here we’ll introduce the “Kobe Panoramic Tour,” which lets you enjoy Kobe in 60 minutes!

Highlights of the "Kobe Panoramic Tour"

The Kobe Panoramic Tour takes about 60 minutes to go around the popular sightseeing spots of Kobe. This article will introduce these highlights!

Minatojima Tunnel

After departing from the Sannomiya Bus Terminal, we head over to Port Island, an artificial island in the Port of Kobe. The first highlight of the trip is “Minatojima Tunnel,” which we pass through on the way! Minatojima Tunnel is an underwater tunnel 1.6km long and 12m deep.
Riding through Minatojima Tunnel on an open-top bus really lets you feel the full strength of the wind, an experience like riding a roller coaster!

The ceiling passing right overhead is one thrilling part of this course!
The ceiling passing right overhead is one thrilling part of this course!

Kobe Bridge

The next highlight on the trip is “Kobe Bridge.” It offers a spectacular view of both Mt. Rokko and the Port of Kobe. Kobe’s unique and powerful scenery that combines the sea and mountains makes this a great place to take pictures!

Take in the beautiful sunset view of Kobe from Kobe Bridge.

Kobe Port Tower

Next up is an iconic landmark of Kobe, “Kobe Port Tower.” The tower stands 108m tall and is the world’s first sightseeing tower made of pipe, themed after Japan’s traditional music and drums, making it a unique sight that’s great for pictures for social media! Looking up from the bottom of the tower from atop the open-top SKY BUS is certainly a thrill!

Why not snap a shot of Kobe's landmark Kobe Port Tower?

Kitano Meister Garden

Another iconic part of Kobe is its stylish retro streets! “Kitano Meister Garden” is a walking spot in the Kitano Ijinkan-Gai area, inside the building of an old elementary school built in the early 1900s. Kitano used to be where around 200 “ijinkan,” or residences for foreigners, stood atop a hill with a lovely view, and even now the area is home to many popular sightseeing spots, including the “English House” and the “Former Thomas House.”

The retro yet modern Kitano Meister Garden
You can also enjoy shopping or craft-making experiences at Kitano Meister Garden

Details of the "Kobe Panoramic Tour"

About 1 hour
Adult (junior high school students and up) 2,000 yen; Children (elementary school students) 1,000 yen
Departure Times
11:30 am, 4:00 pm
*Please register at Counter 5 of Shinki Bus Kobe Sannomiya Bus Terminal at least 20 minutes prior to departure.
Departure Location
Sannomiya Bus Terminal (4-1 Kotonoo-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture)
Registration Hours
9:30am-12:50pm / 1:50pm-6:00pm
Reservations (English)

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