Fun and Great Value Shopping in Japan! “Japan Shopping Festival”

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Japan is full of exciting things to shop around for, like high-quality technology, traditional crafts passed down from ancient times, local specialty products, subculture-related things including anime and games, and more!

If you’re visiting Japan and want to shop for anything from famous Japanese products to more niche fan goods, all while getting a great deal, the “Japan Shopping Festival (JSF)” is for you!

Japan Shopping Festival (JSF)
Japan Shopping Festival (JSF)

What is the “Japan Shopping Festival (JSF)?

JSF is one of Japan’s largest shopping promotions targeted at foreign tourists, and it collaborates with locales, commercial facilities, shopping streets, and retailers from all across Japan to help showcase the charms of Japanese shopping! There are even various campaigns and events for foreign tourists to participate in.

The main character of this campaign is Hello Kitty, adding some cute fun to the events!

What’s Planned for JSF2020?

1. Instagram Photo Contest

JSF is hosting a “hashtag campaign,” where participants upload photos to Instagram, and the best submissions win exciting Japanese products! More and more quality prizes will continue to be added throughout 2020.
Entering is super easy!

  1. Follow the Japan Shopping Festival Instagram account (@japanshoppingfestival)
  2. Post photos tagged “#jsfphoto” that match each given theme

Participating is easy with these 2 simple steps, so be sure to enter!

2. Providing Shopping Info on Great Deals Across Japan

Japan Shopping Now is Japan’s largest shopping information site, offering sale information, special coupons, in-store events, and local events for over 1,000 stores nationwide! Before heading out, check out what shops and specialty goods are in the area and what events or campaigns are being held during your stay!

3. Special Events Held Across Japan

(1) “Japan Shopping Festival Tohoku” (Until 2/29/2020)

The Tohoku region of Japan is packed with things to enjoy, like hot springs, winter scenery, local cuisines, and specialty goods. Thanks to a collaboration with JSTO Tohoku, this campaign involves department stores, station buildings, and shopping districts across the Tohoku region!

On top of Hello Kitty original goods novelty goods as gifts and campaigns offering luxury products, we also offer information on great deals and fun events across all of Japan’s prefectures. There is even a collaboration with “JR EAST PASS,” a travel pass for foreign tourists visiting Japan!

(2) “Matsuyama Shopping Festival” (Until 3/31/2020)

Matsuyama is a great city for shopping, being home to 4 unique shopping districts (Okaido Shopping District, Matsuyama Gintengai Shopping District, Matsuchika Town, and Dogo Shopping District), and it also offers great Japanese sightseeing locations like Matsuyama Castle and Dogo Onsen! There is also a gift campaign running where participants can receive Hello Kitty tin badges and JCB gift cards, making this a great deal! Make some sweet memories in Matsuyama this winter.

More and more events from various areas will continue to be added throughout the festival period. Look forward to it!