Shizuoka Chanabe

Enjoy the color, aroma, and flavor of Shizuoka tea as the base for hot pot

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A hot pot base

Shizuoka Prefecture is famous as a tea producing area. Shizuoka Chanabe was born out of offering a new way to enjoy Shizuoka tea.
A hot pot base that uses first-grade Honyama tea from Shizuoka Prefecture, and tea used for diluting (tea bags) are offered as a set.
Via hot pot that is loved by multiple generations, this item was developed as a souvenir of Shizuoka tea that offers a new value and experience in enjoying Shizuoka tea by "eating" it.


  • They offer an item that allows you to enjoy both drinking and eating tea.
  • It is also most suitable as a souvenir with a cute package that resembles hot pot.
  • Where the tea is produced, its processing, the manufacturing of the hot pot base, and the printing of the package are all done in Shizuoka Prefecture.
  • There are also items from the "Shizuoka Tea Girl Project" from women who are fond of tea.


  • The package that resembles hot pot

    The package that resembles hot pot

  • An image of chanabe (tea hot pot)

    An image of chanabe (tea hot pot)

  • Shizuoka Tea Girl Project

    Shizuoka Tea Girl Project


  • 吳姿函


  • 吳培銨


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Product name in Japanese
Project name
Shizuoka Tea Girl Project (Shizuoka Hakuhodo)
920 yen (excl. tax)
※Prices may vary by shop.
Stores where it is sold
The directly managed Koyamaen tea store, department stores, online shops, etc.
Official Website
Shizuoka Tea Girl Project Official Website (Japanese)