Kanro “Honey Lemon C Gummies”

Delicious and gooey honey and lemon gummies


Layered gummies that allow you to enjoy the transition from lemon to honey.
The outside layer is a strong lemon-flavored gummy, while the inside is soft and gooey honey with a sweet texture. The surface is coated with a sour powder.
The base flavor comes from Kanro’s long-loved “Honey Lemon C Throat Drops.” It uses acacia honey and contains vitamin C.
There are six varieties of lovely package designs, and there are even some “secret packages.”


  • Gummies with a soothing and gentle honey and lemon flavor
  • Two exciting layers
  • Contains acacia honey and vitamin C
  • In addition to six cute package designs, there is a secret design with a close-up of the bear


  • Package
  • The outside is a gummy texture, and the inside has a soft texture
  • Cute package designs
  • Secret design with close-up of the bear
  • Cute underside illustrations


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Product name in Japanese
Kanro Inc.
130 yen (tax incl.)
※Prices may vary by shop.
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